Voter Central

All-inclusive voter management platform


Intuitive data entry interface with
comprehensive review processes.


Maintain voter rolls with in-depth
list maintenance.


Record voter activity, documents and communications.

The future of voter registration
and management

Streamline your workflow with end-to-end management of voter registration, voter records, and provisional ballots.  Stores and maintains extensive data about the voter with an easy-to-use search function.  Integrates with various departments to automatically alert when changes need to be made to the voter record, such as during a change of address.

Built-in efficiency for data entry

Ensure accurate voter records with Voter Central’s data entry features.  Process multiple registrations through batch data entry, and use dual data entry and dual verification to increase accountability and accuracy.  Manage duplicate or incomplete voter records with automated workflows and review cues.

Complete voter record,
all in one place

Users can access vast amounts of information in the voter profile.  Voter Central tracks changes and transactions for each voter, stores images and documents associated with the voter, and maintains record of voting history.

Extensive list maintenance

Voter Central integrates with other agencies and information sources to facilitate and streamline list maintenance. Sources span real-time API and file-based interfaces with Department of Correction, Vital Statistics, ERIC files, DMV, USPS, and NCOA processors to verify relevant voter changes to comply with federal and state laws.

Voter Central offers tools and templates to automate confirmation notices for full life-cycle management from notice generation to processing returned/undelivered mail.

Did you know
Voter Central
does more than
voter registration?

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Technical features

Explore Election AIM's unique features in this menu to see how this solution configures to your workflow.

Create workflows for your office.

Districts can use Election AIM to create workflows and chain-of-custody for voting machines, inventory, and other critical election equipment.

Scan barcoded seals & RFID tags.

Election AIM enables efficient inventory management with scanning, barcoded seals, and RFID tags through a mobile app, complete with up-to-date lists, location tracking, and more.

Track chain-of-custody.

Send us a message to request a demo to see how workflows can be tracked in your voting district.

Integrate with other solutions.

This solution also supports workflow and teams using Precinct Central and Election Force.

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