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Tenex Software Solutions is a Tampa, Florida based software technology company developing the next generation of automation for Elections offices. The company was founded by a group of experienced IT technologists to serve the needs of large elections offices. The mission of Tenex is to lead in the development of usable technology solutions that combine user interface elegance, up-to-date technology, and unsurpassed customer service.

Tenex considers technical excellence its raison d'etre for its corporate existence. The company invests in attracting the best talent and devotes a considerable amount of financial, corporate and human resources in ensuring that its workforce is simply one of the best in technical skills.

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Tenex has a wide range of expertise in delivering scalable solutions including cloud-based website applications, database development, and iOS and Android apps. Our development team creates award-winning solutions for tasks like voter registration and check-in, election worker management, asset tracking, and more. They constantly implement fresh ideas and new technology to best assist election offices with their diverse responsibilities. They are constantly implementing fresh ideas and new technology to our award-winning election software.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team ensures all products exceed client expectations and meet our high usability standards.

Technical Writers

Tenex technical writers work tirelessly to create user guides and online training materials on setup and use for each product so users can easily find the answers they need.

Support Staff

Tenex support staff assists and connects all departments to meet goals and ensure a positive customer experience.

Design Team

From website design to instructional design, our talented design team consistently delivers on usability and quality in every aspect of the Tenex brand.

Sales & Marketing

This team is customer-obsessed. The mission of the sales and marketing team is to understand the problems our customers face and solve them with our award-winning election software products.

Tenex Internships

Interns collaborate with team members to develop new software, test software applications and patches, debug software issues, and experiment with program design elements. If your GPA is 3.5 or higher, we invite you to apply.
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