About the Team

Our team is delivering the next generation
election software solutions and a
future that is 10x better.

Defined by our team

Tenex is a small business in Tampa, FL founded with a passion for improving elections by incorporating rapidly evolving technology. Since April 2000, our founder has seen the company expand from five employees, to 30 employees, and to our team of now 70+ professionals delivering the best in IT and software products and services.

Our client list grew, from one county in Florida, to more than 350 jurisdictions in over 21 states across the United States.  And our product list got longer, from one full voter registration system, to the Tenex Election Desk (TED) family of over a dozen election software products and services.

But in more than 20 years and 47 million voters served, one thing has never changed.  Tenex is a company that loves and cares for the products and solutions we create, and the same passion for improving elections that our founder brought to the table fuels everything we do.  Tenex delivers 10x the service, 10x the commitment, and 10x the results.

Grow with us

Tenex is eager to support your team and grow with you in the ever-changing realm of elections and 21st century tech trends. We're ready for any challenge you're facing, and we'll work together to create the solution.

Operational savvy

Tenex believes that any IT system is only as good as its users say it is, no matter how sophisticated the engineering happens to be. Tenex believes that at least 1/3 of the effort in building a system is in spending time with the users as they are using the system, fine-tuning the processes until the system is robust, and performing at near 100% reliability.

Technical excellence

The company invests in attracting the best talent and devotes a considerable amount of financial, corporate, and human resources in ensuring that its workforce is simply one of the best in technical skills.


Tenex regards integrity and trust as forming the core of its business function. The operational model of Tenex emphasizes transparency in the conduct of business, simple language in contract terms, fair and all-inclusive pricing, and investing in communities and people that we work with. 


The only questions that go unanswered are the questions we never ask.

Ask us anything!

Where do I start? How can you help?

Our team is experienced in supporting teams of all sizes that organize local elections. To better help you meet your goals, a Tenex team member can schedule a call to review your election process, offer suggestions, and provide a demo.

Our software suite is housed in the Tenex Election Desk (TED), which offers modules designed for elections. This allows all of our turnkey solutions to be configured to your workflow and goals. Pick and choose modules to meet your unique election needs in one flexible solution.

To learn more about our products, explore the pages listed under "Solutions."

Can I see a demo of your solutions?

Absolutely! Schedule a demo with our team today by emailing sales@tenexsolutions.com or calling our office at 813.618.3639.

Election Day is coming up, how much time do you need to set up a solution?

We pride ourselves on our custom support, and we know that Election Day is your top priority. Our solutions include turnkey products ready for a quick launch, while others require custom configuration to align with your jurisdiction's policies and procedures.

To meet your deadline and get your team ready for Election Day, we do ask for enough time for configuration, testing, training, and implementation. Our project managers are ready to create a realistic timeline that works for everyone. To learn more, contact our office at info@tenexsolutions.com or 813.618.3639.

What if I have another question?

Just ask! Contact our office at info@tenexsolutions.com or 813.618.3639.

We are available Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST.
Except Election Day.
When it comes to Election Day, we are here for you 24/7. 😊