Document Archive

Digital document retention and database


Define retention policies
for all document types.


Locate documents with built-in tracking,
online or in the warehouse.


Comply with retention regulations and dispose of expired documents.

Document retention for the 21st century

The TED Document Archive module allows you to define record retention schedules based on legal requirements. Documents can be organized and stored in boxes with barcoded labels for efficient lookup. The system can detect documents ready for archiving and create alerts based on the preset schedule and document creation dates.

Organize your warehouse with optimal document storage

Save time and warehouse space with a document retention tool that keeps track of every document in every bin. Document Archive supports barcodes and labeling to identify records location, including warehouse address, shelf number, and box number.

Efficient document lookup

Based on a document retention schedule, Document Archive will give you alerts to quickly lookup and review upcoming disposal dates, storage locations, and more.

Locate any document,
anywhere, any time.

Technical features

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Create workflows for your office.

Districts can use Election AIM to create workflows and chain-of-custody for voting machines, inventory, and other critical election equipment.

Scan barcoded seals & RFID tags.

Election AIM enables efficient inventory management with scanning, barcoded seals, and RFID tags through a mobile app, complete with up-to-date lists, location tracking, and more.

Track chain-of-custody.

Send us a message to request a demo to see how workflows can be tracked in your voting district.

Integrate with other solutions.

This solution also supports workflow and teams using Precinct Central and Election Force.

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