Absentee processing and tracking


Review processes that check voter records to support accurate validation.


Account confidently with tracking tools and exceptions handling.


Configurable reports enable you to track and report for your jurisdiction.

Navigating the ballot life cycle has never been easier

Vote-by-Mail is the most effective way to follow your absentee ballots throughout their life cycle. Easily track the journey of each absentee ballot, from the moment it is requested to when it is mailed out, received, and returned for counting. With robust reporting features and compatibility with high-speed ballot processors like Relia-vote and Agilis, our Vote-by-Mail solution ensures efficient, transparent, and accurate absentee ballot management, making it the go-to choice for modern election offices.

Count confidently with review processes

Vote-by-Mail securely offers multiple review processes for tracking absentee ballots. These help ensure efficient and accurate processing, capable of handling all absentee requests, whether domestic, UOCAVA, or in-office. In addition, this solution offers advanced, configurable reporting and insights through the Dashboard and export tools.

clear and in sync

Integrating with Voter Central, Vote-by-Mail can determine eligibility through secure validation workflows upon request or return. During processing, context-aware codes help you determine whether an absentee ballot should be accepted or rejected based on information in the voter's record.

For voter participation, this solution can also integrate with Tenex's Election Link to enable voters to request a ballot or check the status of their ballot on a public website for added communication.

Technical features

Explore Election AIM's unique features in this menu to see how this solution configures to your workflow.

Create workflows for your office.

Districts can use Election AIM to create workflows and chain-of-custody for voting machines, inventory, and other critical election equipment.

Scan barcoded seals & RFID tags.

Election AIM enables efficient inventory management with scanning, barcoded seals, and RFID tags through a mobile app, complete with up-to-date lists, location tracking, and more.

Track chain-of-custody.

Send us a message to request a demo to see how workflows can be tracked in your voting district.

Integrate with other solutions.

This solution also supports workflow and teams using Precinct Central and Election Force.

Voting by mail has
never been more efficient.

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