Live Results

The next generation of election night reporting


Rest assured with encrypted data
that is secure 24/7.


Clear, ADA-compliant navigation with displays for all devices.


User-friendly graphical displays for
real-time election results.

As easy as
1, 2, 3

Live Results is a web-based application that makes implementation significantly easier. Users navigate to the preferred web browser and access their jurisdiction’s Live Results page. Our streamlined three step process makes Election night reporting faster than ever: upload results, preview, and publish.

Information at your fingertips

Upload one file to Live Results, and our system will convert the results to responsive displays on any device. Live Results is a tested and widely used tool compatible with reports from all types of voting systems.

for all

Election results that inform everyone, compatible with screen reading software and optimized to work with assistive technologies.

Secure web platform

Reliability on election night is key. Be confident that your election results are being hosted on a secure and reliable platform.

Real-time alerts
and data

On election night, everyone is looking for up-to-the-minute information on election results. With Live Results, you can ensure all reported information is timely and accurate. Media outlets can receive real-time alerts by text and email to stay informed as results are published.

Election night results come alive
with real-time updates
and vivid displays.

Technical features

Explore Election AIM's unique features in this menu to see how this solution configures to your workflow.

Create workflows for your office.

Districts can use Election AIM to create workflows and chain-of-custody for voting machines, inventory, and other critical election equipment.

Scan barcoded seals & RFID tags.

Election AIM enables efficient inventory management with scanning, barcoded seals, and RFID tags through a mobile app, complete with up-to-date lists, location tracking, and more.

Track chain-of-custody.

Send us a message to request a demo to see how workflows can be tracked in your voting district.

Integrate with other solutions.

This solution also supports workflow and teams using Precinct Central and Election Force.

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