Campaign Desk

Campaign reporting and tracking


Configure filing requirements
and track missing reports.


Enable campaigns to submit
reports online.


Empower the public to review graphical summaries and detailed reports.

Shine a light:
Next-level reporting Campaign Desk

Campaign Desk is a comprehensive solution for managing campaign reporting activities. Using the Candidate Portal, campaigns can electronically track campaign finance and other reporting information and submit timed reports as needed. With Campaign Backend, the election office can configure all requirements, track late filings, and communicate with stakeholders. The Campaign Public Portal provides searchable reports for public consumption.

Amplify transparency:
Public Portal for
data-driven insights

The Public Portal's user-friendly interface provides easy access to all campaign public records, with updates in near real-time. Extensive search options and multi-dimensional reporting empower stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Reduce paperwork and empower campaigns with electronic filing

The Campaign Portal provides clarity to campaigns, making it easy to stay in compliance by navigating reporting requirements and filing deadlines. The simple but comprehensive web based system provides user-friendly tools for campaign managers and treasurers to report contributions, expenditures and other reportable actions.

Administrative efficiency with Campaign Desk

Streamline your election office operations with the Admin Dashboard. Your team can effortlessly manage campaign accounts, required reports, and submissions. Communicate with campaign teams, scan and share documents, review filings, and ensure accurate reporting all in one place.

Keep stakeholders informed
and empower campaigns.

Technical features

Explore Election AIM's unique features in this menu to see how this solution configures to your workflow.

Create workflows for your office.

Districts can use Election AIM to create workflows and chain-of-custody for voting machines, inventory, and other critical election equipment.

Scan barcoded seals & RFID tags.

Election AIM enables efficient inventory management with scanning, barcoded seals, and RFID tags through a mobile app, complete with up-to-date lists, location tracking, and more.

Track chain-of-custody.

Send us a message to request a demo to see how workflows can be tracked in your voting district.

Integrate with other solutions.

This solution also supports workflow and teams using Precinct Central and Election Force.

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